Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making Decisions

Every day we make decisions. Whether it's with our spouse, children, work or business - we make decisions. Either it's a small decision or it's a monumental decision - that act of our will to CHOOSE requires us to go through the process of prioritizing one way or another. We choose one thing over another, one person over another, one place over another, one thought over another, one emotion over another - we have a CHOICE.

This is a huge topic - one of vast importance in terms of personal growth in character and in relationships. Look deep within yourself and ask the tough questions. If you have a hard time making decisions, ask yourself why.

Here are some examples of why:
1. Confusion about direction in life.
2. Lack of commitment.
3. Procrastination.
4. Wanting the best of each choice.
5. Afraid of making the 'wrong' decision.

Challenge yourself by going to the root of the struggle, then reverse it. For example, if you have a hard time making decisions because of a lack of commitment, then decide to commit to something and follow through. Sometimes that simple act of the will propels you forward to make that decision.

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