Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31 Jordan Adler Call on Leverage

Doing more and more with less and less.

Gain leverage with yourself, with other people, with money, and with technology.

The smallest change can impact the greatest result. A minor small shift in a bunch of different areas.

Leverage belief and take 100% responsibility around your emotions - around your personal circumstances and situations. Personally and with your current business. When you can't manage your emotions, you lose days, weeks, months. That little 2 degree difference ultimately costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Will those emotions shut you down? Consistency, the importance of being consistent.

Leverage with people. Creating more value for others.
1. Send a book to your top 10 people.
2. Take your top 3 people with you to a seminar.
3. Have lunch with your team.
4. Promote all the Monday night calls.
5. Get your entire team to the Convention.
6. Promote the Treat 'em Right seminars and EFTBN meetings.

Leverage with money. Take 10% of your income for personal development. Send out your greeting cards and DVDs - those are your workers. Make them go to work the way they're intended. Make somebody's day.

Leverage with technology. Sending cards is much easier - what would take 2-3 hours, now takes 2-3 minutes. Conference calls, webcasts.

The difference between good and great, plodding along and having an exploding organization, $10,000/month and $100,000/month is 2%. Like baking a cake, putting in the right ingredients in the right order. A small shift can turn a minimum amount of work into hours, days, and months worth of results.

It's not you against the world, it's you leading the world.

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